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My younger brother and I loved to play with our toys and did a lot of our awesome imagination stories together for few years before I became involved with real stage performance at MSAD. I had been in performance since from sixth grade to my senior year in college. From all of my performance experiences had inspired me do traveling for my one-man ASL show. This is the list of performances that I do.  Each performance is a hour and half long of entertainment in American Sign Language!

Dack Virnig's classic stories

The original and amazing performance with mesmerizing ASL with classifier stories. Bringing back the classic games and cartoons into life with ASL! Also, new and unheard stories by Dack Virnig. Great for children, families and anybody!

Dack Virnig's Deaf boy's life

The performance is about Dack Virnig's deaf life while growing up. Sharing the youth memories in beautiful ASL! A bunch of stories that will bring the audience to laugh, cry, or tears of joy together. Suitable for older children and adults.

Dack Virnig's tall tales

The performance with old and new tall tales with full of fun and imaginative ASL! Telling stories of classic, fantasy and myth. Come and join me to get lost in this wonderland! Excellent for all ages!