All of my life, I have learned so much about acting, drawing, and signing.  So, I decided to bring my richest experience and knowledge to teach our current or next generations of deaf children, ASL interpreters, and whoever wants to learn! I do a lot of traveling since to share my workshops. Here are my list of the workshops that I do provide. All of them are led by me with ASL as primary language.

Dack Virnig's Drawing WOrkshop

This workshop focus on building basic fundamental skills. I will guide the students to learn how to draw cartoons. I will  teach students to understand and how to use drawing tools, materials, rough draft to final draft, outline, strokes, shading, skeleton and more.

AUDIENCE: Kids and Teens (11-18 years old)

TIME LENGTH: 1 to 3 hour(s)

REQUIREMENTS: Computer (MAC or PC), White Screen,  Projector, White paper(s), Pencil, Pen, Marker, Sharpies, and Easel Pad

Dack Virnig's ASL Storytelling workshop (for beginners)

This workshop is very easy and friendly for the first timers or beginners with some ASL experience. I will do some fun ASL activites to show them the concept of what ASL is all about. They will learn ASL structures along that way too.

AUDIENCE: For all ages and ASL interpreter level I and II

TIME LENGTH: 1 to 20 hour(s)

REQUIREMENTS: Computer (MAC or PC), White Screen and Projector

dack virnig's acting workshop

This workshop ideal for audience that wants to become a successful actor/actress. I will teach them the difference of stage and movie acting, learn the rules of acting with ASL combined, facial expression, body language,  and more.

AUDIENCE: Kids and Teens (11-18 years old)

TIME LENGTH: 1 to 3 hour(s)

REQUIREMENTS: Stage, Easel Pad, Marker and Chair(s)

Dack virnig's asl storytelling workshop (for advanced)

This workshop's purpose is to bring all advanced users into new depth levels of ASL. I will teach the class to catch the advanced structures in ASL, classifier, characterize, facial expression, and etc. It will include fun activities to help them to develop their talent in ASL. This workshop is ideal for youth kids or older with advanced ASL experience and for level 3 or advanced interpreters.

AUDIENCE: 12 and older with advanced ASL and level III or advanced ASL interpreter

TIME LENGTH: 1 to 25 hour(s)

REQUIREMENTS: Spacious room, Computer (MAC or PC), White Screen and Projector

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